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Below are extracts of reviews and comments left by some past FSM driving school pupils:
on the road compliments of FSM driving schooldriving lessons in Erskine "What a pleasure it has been learning to drive with Francois! from the first time I stepped into the car I felt totally at ease. His teaching methods are fantastic and easy to follow. I would strongly recommend Francois to anyone looking to take driving lessons as I would never have passed 1st time today without his help and support. Thank you again".Stuart Rhodick. Erskine
Another Pupil from FSM driving school passing a driving test at 1st attempt"If you are looking for an instructor who not only teaches you how to drive, but is also a good gab and a great laugh to be with, then learn with Frank. I passed my test first time, something I doubt I would have been able to do if it wasn't for Frank's reassurance and keeping me calm! I would also recommend taking the extra motorway lesson, as Frank highlights things you wouldn't think of on your own(or I would not have thought of on my own anyway!) A great instructor and I am so glad he was recommended to me! Thanks for all your help Frank!" Alexandros Theodorou. Glenburn
Another pass delivered with the help of your favourite driving school in erskine"Francois made me feel at ease behind the wheel. I highly recommend him as a driving instructor and his teaching methods. I especially liked how at the end of each lesson he would ask how I felt the lesson had went so that I could give him feedback on anything good or anything which I needed to look and concentrate on at next lesson. Very pleasant man who made me the driver I am today".Debbie Wright. Glasgow
passed 1st time with your driving instructor FSM erskine"Passed my test first time! I don't think I would have got there without all the help and reassurance that Frank gave. I found him very helpful when learning to drive and found him very encouraging how he made me feel at ease from beginning to end. I would not hesitate to recommend him. Fantatic teacher1 Thank you!" Danielle Murray, Inchinnan.
passed 1st time with FSM driving school"After having lessons with another instructor, I decided to switch to F.S.M and had a number of lessons with Frank that were really helpful. He helps to slow down your driving so that you can be safe but also be confident within yourself and makes you fell that you are actually getting somewhere with your driving. If you are looking for a school with quality teaching, this is the one. Cheers Francois."David Verlaque. Erskine
passed 1st time with FSM driving school"Passed first time thanks to Franky Boy! Great instructor, doesn't rush you and makes you feel at ease, would recommend to anyone who is thinking of taking up the wheel...Thanks for everything Frank!"Stephen Donnelly. Erskine.   
Take driving lessons in Erskine and pass first time with FSM driving school"I passed my test first time. I was really apprehensive about learning to drive but Frank made me feel really at ease. He is patient, reliable and understanding. I told him my target of passing within a few months and he worked with me to ensure I succeeded. Frank teaching methods are really easy to understand and the handouts he gives are great for consolidating as there is a lot to take in when you begin. He is great at knowing your strenghts and weaknesses and working on these. Frank was recommended to me by a friend that passed first time with him last year and I will definately recommend him to anyone considering learning to drive. Thank you Franky boy, I will miss your joyful songs!!!"Kimberley Campbell. Inchinnan
Erskine driving instructor delivers 1st time pass"Today one week on from passing my driving test first time I had my final driving lesson that was an additional lesson of driving on a motorway with Francois at FSM driving school and I received the same professional teaching I received since my first driving lessons all those weeks ago. I can not recommend enough choosing Frank to get you behind the wheels of your own car because by doing this you will not only receive first class driving tuition but you will enjoy it from start to finish with a smile on your face. Top driving school and Top Man, Frank, You the man !"Richard Corey. Erskine   
passed 1st time with your FSM erskine driving instructor"After failing my test 3 times with another instructor, I changed to Frank and passed my test after 6 lessons. Frank put me at ease straight away by explaining things in an understandable way and he also put me at ease for my test. I passed with only a few minors as a result. Great instructor, will definitely be recommending". Paul Brown. Erskine  
passed 1st time taking driving lessons in Erskine with FSM driving school"Passed first time thanks to Frank after only 26 lessons!!! Thanks to Frank's patient and calm teaching manner and of course the laughs an jokes over the past few months. Before I was a nervous behind the wheel but now I feel confident and safe with Frank's help! I would recommend FSM to any new learner. Thank you Frank, wouldn't have done it without you" Stacie Reed. Erskine
Erskine driving school delivers another pass"I strongly recommend FSM to anyone thinking of starting to drive. Francois is an excellent teacher who teaches you at your own pace and does not force you into situations that you do not feel 100% doing. If you feel weak in any area of driving, he makes sure that you no loner feel like that and makes you confident in your driving ability. Choose FSM if you want to learn in an efficient and fun atmosphere". Rebecca Munro.Erskine  
driving lessons in Erskine"Thanks to Francois I passed my test first time a few weeks ago and now I am driving in my car feeling confident and safe. I would be delighted to recommend FSM to anyone, great driving instructor who makes you feel comfortable and knows how to have a laugh. The best instructor ever thank you so much Francois."Rebecca Taylor, Inchinnan
driving instructor in Erskine"Learning with Franky was an absolute pleasure and I would highly recommend him. Every lesson, I felt comfortable in the car and Franky made learning to drive such an enjoyable experience! Whenever I had any troubles, Franky was always helpful as ever and was very patient whilst my performance progressed. I passed first time with FSM driving school due to Franky's experience and learning techniques. I will certainly miss my weekly lesson with Franky as it was always a joy to learn with him."Suzie McGraw. Eskine.
pass test with driving instructor in Erskine"Having Francois as an instructor was excellent. He works to your own speed and is extremely patient. He is aware of your strenghts and weaknesses and does not waste time on areas you don't need to work as much on. Lessons are great value for money and Frank is always reliable and flexible to your availability. I would recommend Frank to anyone looking in learning to drive. He is a great instructor with a good banter and always make you feel in control and safe. Merci Francois !"Yanoula Munro. Erskine
Pass your test with FSM driving school"Thank you for the best customer service I have ever had, the many safe and happy years of driving to come and the birthday card which was a nice touch. I have no criticism whatsoever to give you."Luke Swanney. Erskine
pass your test with FSM driving school"Passed on my first try today thanks to Frank! Frank was great, always building my confidence and full of patience. He was encouraging and reassuring every lesson so I always felt I was progressing. Frank worked at my speed, always knew when I had enough and moved on to something else. He was brilliant when I was preparing for my test, he did everything he could think of to help me improve on my maneuvres! On the test day I felt Frank has prepared me really well so I was not too stressed out and everything went great. I'll happily recommend Frank to anyone wanting to learn, I don't think I could have picked a better instructor. I will miss our lessons, and Frank constant supplies of jelly babies. Wish you all the best Frank and see you soon for some pass-plus lessons."Julie Purdon. Erskine
Take driving lesson with FSM"Frank was great. Passed first time."Grace Taylor. Erskine
pass your tes with FSM"Today I feel so happy having just passed my driving test 1st time this morning! It was all thanks to you Francois for your excellent tuition, never ending patience, and your constant reassurance. I will certainly recommend FSM to everybody interested in learning to drive. I can not thank you enough for teaching me to be a competent and safe driver, and I am looking forward to my newly found independence. I wish you continued success with your business and all that remains to be said is "See you out there on the road" Beep beep! Sandra McGavin. Erskine
Driving instructor in Erskine will help you pass your test"Francois is an excellent instructor, allowing me to work at my own pace, he was patient and taught me how to drive safely and efficiently. Now that I have passed my test and bought a car, all the lessons were worth the while. Merci Francois, tu es le meilleur !!!"Chris Mitchell. Erskine
Driving school in Erskine"I would highly recommend anyone to take driving lessons with Francois, after having just passed my test at second attempt. His teaching approach is thorough but fun and enables you with all the appropriate skills required to become a good driver. By making you feel totally relaxed in his presence you are able to ask as many questions as you need and have the ability of choosing your own learning pace. Choose FSM:)!! " Heather McDowall. Erskine 
passed 1st time with FSM driving school"After trying another instructor and not seem to be getting anywhere fast, a friend recommended Francois and he took me out for an assessment. It seems I wasn't as bad as first feared. With Francois' help and guidance I was soon looking at doing my test and glad to say passed first time. I am absolutely delighted at having passed and I don't think I would have managed it without him. I can't recommend him highly enough. An excellent teacher and all round good guy. I will be recommending him to all my friends. Thanks very much Francois." Jordan Hunter. Erskine
driving instructor in Erskine"Francois and FSM school of motoring provides you with all the necessary tools and knowledge with which to embark on a successful career on the road. First class teaching methods given in a friendly and re-assuring manner help to boost confidence when starting out and in only a few short months I went from complete novice to a confident and competent driver. Flexible hours and one to one tuition also ensure that any individual needs can be catered for as and when required-when learning to drive in Renfrewshire...ask for Frank!!" Stuart McHattie. Erskine
passed 1st time with driving lessons in Erskine area"I am so happy that I passed first time, thanks to Francois! He is a fab driving instructor-very patient, always made me feel comfortable and allowed me to do things at my own pace, friendly, funny which made me enjoy my lesson with him! Definately recommend Francois as a driving instructor! Thanks Francois:)"Catherine Beaumont. Erskine
pass your test with FSM"For anyone looking to learn to drive, I would highly recommend Francois. His patience and experience really helped me, from getting to grips with a car for the first time all the way to the lesson before my test. Not to mention that I had a great laugh along the way, and I am so glad I learned to drive in such a friendly environment.Thanks Francois.Keith Livingstone. Bishopton
driving lessons in Erskine"First time pass with Francois. Brilliant instructor who makes you feel confident and at ease when driving. Always takes time to answer and explain any questions you have and doesn't rush through things(but still managed to get me through my test in a few months). Would definitely recommend Francois. Thanks again".Stacy Henderson. Erskine
passed 1st time with FSM driving school Erskine"I passed first time with Francois. I am extremely pleased with my driving and I feel confident and safe, we progressed through lessons at my speed not rushing over things but still ensuring I was pushing myself to improve my driving. The lessons were great value for money and I would recommend Francois to anyone who want to pass".Grant MacLeod.Renfrew
passed 1st time with FSM driving school in Erskine" First time pass with Francois. He is an excellent instructor and I would definately recommend him. He always made me feel comfortable and allowed me to take things at my own pace, yet still encouraging me. Thanks you for everything...Lisa Flood. Paisley  
success with driving instructor in Erskine" Frank is a fantastic driving instructor with great patience and even better advice. His easy going manner allows a much more relaxed learning experience.
I would highly recommend FSM to anyone who wants to begin driving. Thanks for everything Frank".Ross Jamieson. Neilston
pass your test with driving instructor in Erskine"Francois is an excellent driving instructor and I would most definitely recommend him! Every lesson I felt very comfortable in the car and Francois explained everything very clearly to help me understand, with the help of his toy car and sketch book! Great instructor and I wish him the very best for the future!!"Rachel Burnett. Erskine
driving lessons in Erskine"An absolute pleasure learning to drive with Francois. Not only is he a brilliant driving instructor but his sense of humour makes learning to drive so much easier. The only bad part about passing my test is that I will miss my lessons with Franky ! "Ashleigh Maske. Erskine
passed 1st time with FSM driving school"First time pass because of Francois expert teaching. Friendly, funny and works as hard as you do to help you to pass. Makes you feel more than comfortable when you first start and helps build confidence quickly when you are behind the wheel. As well as being great value for money, I enjoyed all my lessons and once I get going I will definitely be doing my Pass Plus with Francois. Thanks for everything Frank and I will be seeing you soon".Gerry McCrory. Renfrew
driving leson in Erskine"I passed first time with Francois! He is a great friendly instructor. You feel comfortable while bein taught how to pass your test and he also ensures that you become a long term safe driver by giving tips and advice on all aspects of driving. Thanks Francois".Connor Smith. Erskine 
Pass your test with FSM"I would highly recommend Francois as a driving instructor as he is patient, friendly and understanding. His excellent teaching style is easily adaptable to each learner and his way of explaining things is very clear and understandable. The prices are very reasonable for the high standard of teaching. Thank you so much Francois..."Gemma McLelland. Erskine
driving instructor in Erskine"Frank is amazing! Thats all I can say. He is patient and goes through everthing nice and slow so you can grab onto it. Glad to have went with Francois ! One word to describe how good he is...Quality !"Matthew Solomons. Erskine 
driving lessons in Erskine"Another first time passer!! Francois was my first driving instructor, and from day one he provided me with a friendly comfortable and flexible service. I felt really relaxed in his company and he gave me ample feedback to help improve my driving performance, either that being from a chat at the side of the road or by a well descriptive illustration on his little sketch book:-). I highly recommend Francois as I was also recommended to him by a first time passer. Thanks Francois and good luck in the future."Stewart Fay. Mosspark
driving lesson in Erskine"I would definately recommend Francois as a driving instructor. You are able to feel comfortable whilst driving and he allows you to take things at your own pace whilst also encouraging you to progress further. It has been a pleasure driving with him and I miss my lessons now I have passed."Alex Maske. Erskine
driving lessons in Erskine"I highly recommend Francois as a driving instructor. His instructions were always very easy to follow. He gave me confidence and great support on the lead up to my test. I wish him well for the future".Chris Ronald. Erskine
Driving instructor in Erskine"Could not have passed without the support and confidence Francois gave me! Can not thank him enough and recommend him to any new driver, and anyone that asks, I will always speak highly of Franky! Just a shame I wont get to drive the new 10 plate white Polo! Thanks again so much!".Alistair Boyce. Bishopton
passed 1st time with driving lessons by FSM driving school" When I passed my test, one of my friends said that my driving instructor must be a miracle worker too! Francois is a fantastic instructor who makes you feel so comfortable behind the wheel. I looked forward to every lesson and could have kept going at the end. Anyone who is nervous or wary about driving should give Francois a call. You won't regret it. Highly recommended!"Tony Armour. Shieldhall  
pass with FSM driving school"Francois came highly recommended to me from my older brother Ian, who had previously passed his test after taking lessons with Francois. I chose to take my driving lessons throughout the summer as I was going to be starting university and thought this was the best time to do it. Frank is an amazing and patient instructor who helps to build your confidence behind the wheel. Excellent value for money and comes highly recommended ! "Liam Nisbet, Erskine.
passed 1st time with driving lessons with FSM driving school "Right from the start of my lessons with Francois, he made me feel at ease in the car and helped me to build my confidence and driving skill. With his invaluable help I passed first time with very few minors. A very nice guy, offering a great value service that I'd recommend without hesitation."Daryl Weir, Erskine.
driving lessons provided by FSM"Passed first time today because of Frank. He is a brilliant instructor who made sure I was confident with my general driving as well as my maneuvres. He does not rush you, however had to give me the odd kick up the backside now and again. Would recommend to anyone"Christopher McPhee, Renfrew  
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